LAST MODIFIED: June 1, 2019

This user agreement (this “Agreement”) governs your use of Identity First services and includes allproducts, services, reports, alerts, applications and software that are provided with those services(“Services”). Please review this Agreement carefully. The current version of this Agreement may be accessed at

Service Description and Fees.

The Services are provided by Identity First Corporation (“we” or “us”) on a subscription basis. The details of the Services, including the term of your subscription and the specific Service features which are available to you, are set out on the Services websites and/or mobile application and in materials we may send to you (“additional materials”). Additional materials may include welcome emails, letters or packages, billing confirmations, notices, or other supplementary materials relating to your Services we provide to you or publish from time to time.

If you have purchased a paid subscription to Services, your membership term and fees are set out in the additional materials. We will charge you on a regular basis according to the billing period for your Services subscription (monthly, annual and other periodic renewal), via the credit card or other payment method by which you have paid for the Services. We may suspend or terminate your Services for non-payment. You are responsible for all applicable taxes. In the event of any billing error where you have been undercharged, you authorize us to charge you any applicable amount outstanding without additional notice. In the event of a billing error where you have been overcharged, we will apply any applicable refund via the payment method and information on record. You are responsible for keeping your payment information with us up to date. If your payment information is not up to date, we may not be able to process any applicable refund.

You may have purchased a subscription which features an initial subscription period which is provided for free or at discounted prices. Notwithstanding any free or discount offer, your subscription began on the date you agreed to purchase a subscription to the Services. We will begin billing your applicable payment method for regular subscription fees at the end of the free or discounted period of your membership. To view the specific details of your membership, including monthly membership price and end date of your free trial period, review your additional materials. Where you agreed to purchase a subscription featuring an initial free period, we will still record and maintain your payment method details. If you agreed to pay by credit card, some credit card companies may place a temporary hold on your account for your first payment even during a free period. Please contact your credit card company if you have questions.

We may also offer pilot or promotional subscriptions to our Services from time to time. Such subscriptions are at no cost and are for a limited period only. If your subscription was offered on a no-cost pilot or promotional basis, the Services and your subscription Agreement will terminate as of the end of the promotional period, which we may change without notice.

Specific Service Terms.

The following terms apply to certain features of your specific Services, depending on the nature of your Subscription. Consult your additional materials or your account information for details on the Service features applicable to your subscription:

Online Identity Monitoring

Online identity monitoring Services will provide periodic searching of the Internet for your registered information using various third-parties. We and our service providers will scan selected areas of the Internet where it is suspected consumer information is bought and sold, suchas unencrypted chat rooms, malicious websites, and black market sites, for detection of any matching information associated with your registered personal information. In the event the Service detects a monitored item, we will notify you via your selected method of notification. However, the Internet addresses of these suspected Internet trading sites are not published and frequently change, so there is no guarantee that the Service will locate and search every possible site where personal information is at risk of being traded.

In order to use online identity monitoring Services, you must first register your payment and/or personal information and activate online, unless you authorized us to register certain information on your behalf at the time you purchased your subscription. The type of information you may register for monitoring are described on the Services website and in the additional materials.

This Service relies on the information contained in many third party databases to provide you the Services, and does not scan or search the entirety of the Internet. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of such third party databases. Due to the dynamic nature of public records, and reliance on the accuracy of third party data sources, we do not promise to detect all possible occurrences of identity theft. We are not responsible for and do not represent the accuracy of third party databases.