August 16, 2019

Biometrics in Britain

Some very frightening news out of Britain this week: a contractor used by British police, banks and the defence industry to store biometric data has suffered a data breach, losing access to millions of records. Suprema, a company who provides biometric access data including fingerprints and facial recognition, is used by outside of Britain, too. Reportedly, they have a clientele of over 5,700 companies in 83 countries worldwide. Since this is a first-of-its kind breach, there is no news yet on the response – but we’ll cover any updates in the future.
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Data Theft on the Rise

Data breaches have been on the rise this year. As a recent report this week highlighted, the number of data breaches in 2019 so far has increased by 54% compared to previous years. The interesting part is that this increase is not being correlated with more records being breached. In fact, the amount of records being breached has dipped in 2019. This indicates that hackers are increasingly targeting small businesses who are more vulnerable to lapses in cybersecurity.
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Recently, Facebook got hit with another lawsuit relating to a large data breach that happened last year. This lawsuit was again launched by breach victims who had third-party apps accessed after their Facebook accounts being breached. Allegedly, Facebook knew about this lapse in security, and had not done anything about it, or warned users quick enough to remove this connected log in feature. This highlights the danger of using one social media service to log into other accounts.
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Saskatoon gets Scammed

It’s not always individuals who suffer from identity theft and its implications. A few days ago, the whole city of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan was scammed out of $1.04 million after a city construction contractor was impersonated by a fraudster and sent fraudulent invoices to the city. Be sure to always check suspicious or unexpected charges!
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Capital One

Finally, to those concerned about being potentially affected by the Capital One breach, Capital One has been contacting Canadian victims this week. However, other Canadian victims are getting involved in class-action lawsuits versus the company. Victims can also contact the company directly.
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