August 06, 2019

Capital One

In the aftermath of the Capital One data breach from last week, some distressing details came to light concerning Canadian customers. In the end, 6 million Canadian citizens were affected with 1 million having their social security numbers leaked. However, many Canadian analysts are not optimistic about the Canadian government passing a strong response, with many quoting the lack of government action on previous breaches including Desjardins and Facebook. Unfortunately, most of the responsibility for consumers will fall on themselves for their data protection.
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There were several smaller data breaches that also came to light this week, both coincidentally affecting fashion marketplaces. Firstly, Poshmark, an online clothing marketplace, had user profile information stolen by an unauthorized third-party. The website has over 50 million monthly users. In response, a spokesperson has said that the website is updating their online security.
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Next, online sneaker marketplace StockX reported this week that they had also been hit with a data breach, potentially affecting up to 6.8 million users. However, many customers have been complaining that the site has not been completely open with them. Apparently, StockX has known of the breach since May and also previously claimed financial information was not affected (which turned out not to be the case).
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It’s not only individuals who sometimes suffer as victims from data breaches. This week, Honda announced that they had accidentally exposed over 40 GB of corporate secrets and employee information. Honda has since claimed that the error has been patched, but there is little way to tell who has accessed these documents.
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The Good….

Finally, in some good news, the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) announced this week that in late August, it will be possible for Canadians to set up a personal identification number for their account. This step will help serve as an extra layer of protection against any potential identity thieves.
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